Dr Jennifer Mitton joined the CMFG/GMF Gatineau in September 2012 after completing her Family Medicine Specialty training through McGill, here in Gatineau.  She has a general family medicine practice with a focus on obstetrics and pediatrics.  She offers services in French and English.

She welcomes and appreciates any referrals of patients needing their pregnancy followed- patients with and without a family doctor in the clinic.  She follows pregnancies from the beginning till delivery and offers breastfeeding and other post partum support as required by her patients.

Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick she holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and international and comparative politics from the university of Ottawa as well as a medical degree from Dalhousie university in Halifax, NS.  She now lives in Gatineau with her husband and two small children and their fluffy dog.

She has embraced a new technique of scheduling patients called, advanced access.  The following letter and additional resources will help her patients have better access to their family physician.

Dear Patients,

In an effort to improve access to your family doctor, myself, I am making some changes to the way appointments are made and happen.  As well, I will be trying to make things more efficient in the clinic but need your collaboration. The goal is for you to call/e-mail when you need to be seen and receive an appointment within 2 weeks. For urgent quick problems, I strive to be available to see all my patients the same day or the next day provided I am in the clinic. As I also practice in the hospital and have a young family, I am not available everyday in the clinic.  If unavailable, that day, the secretary will direct you to the <sans-rendez-vous> clinic with another doctor if the problem is urgent and can not wait a day or two.

The goal is to be able to have an appointment when one is needed and to follow the scientific evidence available to direct your care.  For this to happen, please prepare for your appointment.

  1. Always have a list of your medications (printed from the pharmacy ideally) and any supplements or natural products you take. As well as your blood pressure and blood sugar values.
  2. Consider other places for care first.  Try 811 or your pharmacist, dentist, optometrist for help with a particular issue.  DO NOT rely on Dr Google- however, there are reputable sites that can be helpful (please see list).
  3. Prioritize your issues and have reasonable expectations.  Appointments are for 10-15 mins each.  There is not enough time to tackle 5 problems.   I do not blindly refer to specialist or request tests- I will evaluate if a referral or test is indicated.
  4. Please advise the secretary of the reason (s) for consultation. It helps to better manage the schedule and remains confidential.  Communicate honestly with the secretary if this is a problem that needs to be seen today, tomorrow or can wait a week or two.
  5. Same day appointments are for acute quick problems- often you are added onto an already full day. These are for a single acute problem and not to deal with long term chronic conditions.
  6. You will not have an <annual> medical exam.  They are no longer recommended and your file will never be closed because you have not consulted recently. Please see the next page regarding recommended tests and appointments for <periodic visits>.
  7. Please try to do your blood work/tests at least 1 week before your appointment to ensure the results are in.

Dr Jennifer Mitton, MD

Evidence Based Tests and Visits

If you have a specific problem or concern, please make an appointment.  These tests and appointments are for <well> visits and are part of preventative health. If you have a family history of a disease, this may adjust when we start screening.

Patients with Depression, Anxiety, Hypertension, COPD, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Previous Heart attack or stroke, or other chronic health problems should come and see me every 12-18 months in conjunction with your specialist follow up and visits with our GMF Nurses.


  • Discuss Lifestyle Modifications
    • Smoking, excessive alcohol, drug use, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise- I’m here to help and not judge. As well I have a nutritionist and nurses that can assist.
  • Immunizations– verify with my nurse (Julie and Linda) if you are due for any vaccinations.
  • Physical Activity-  150 min/week of moderate-vigorous activity
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • If you are at risk, request a test! Knowing is better than not knowing
    • All ages, frequency is based on risk
  • Vitamin D: everyone should take 1000iu a day
  • Blood Pressure before most appointments, along with weight

Babies and Children

  • 10 days of life with the GMF nurse (Josée, Melanie, and Julie)
  • At 2, 4, 6, (9), 12, 18 months then yearly till 5 if no health problems
  • Please provide my nurse with vaccination records (from the CLSC)
  • 400 iu of Vitamin D a day
  • Dentists and Optometrists visits are covered by RAMQ


  • 21-74 years old: your pap test is now every 3 years if you have not previously been treated for an abnormal pap test (if you are not sure- just ask)
  • >40 years : every 3- 5 years verify your sugar (diabetes)
  • > 50: Every 3-5 years verify your sugar and cholesterol and stool for blood
  • > 50: Mammogram every 2 years till 75
  • > 65: osteoporosis screen once
  • >75: a yearly visit with blood tests that are appropriate


  • > 40 years old: every 3-5 years your sugar (diabetes) and cholesterol and possibly a PSA (prostate blood test) with a digital rectal exam
  • > 50 stool for blood
  • 65-75 ultrasound of abdomen once if ever smoked, osteoporosis screen
  • >75: a yearly visit with blood tests that are appropriate


Recommended Websites

If you find information on the web- please do not assume it is true/honest even if it looks very scientific.   Just because a product is <natural> does not make it safe. Always discuss with your pharmacist or doctor before beginning a treatment.
Here are a few trust worthy websites, however, as everything it is general information and if you have any specific questions please ask.

Getting Active:

Quitting Smoking:

From Tiny Tot to Toddler – paper book is free through your clsc
http://naitreetgrandir.com/fr/   (French only but an excellent resource)

http://www.motherisk.org/  for medications and other products during pregnancy and breastfeeding
http://www.nbci.ca/  breastfeeding




Mental Health
https://moodgym.anu.edu.au/welcome   (online program to help with depression and anxiety)